I admit, I’m an adult, but couldn’t take my eyes off the magician myself! It was just wonderful, and when I asked the kids what was their favorite part, they all yelled in unison ‘the magic show!’ It’s not a question about whether or not they are coming back next year – it’s a definite yes! Mr. Brown the Clown and Friends were very patient and fun (with even the not so well-behaved kids), and seemingly handled them all with ease, smoothly transitioning the focus back to the party’s fun activities. I was impressed at the great blend of maturity among the crew, combined with their lively and exciting professionalism. Thanks!

Duke E., Brooklyn 3/14/14


Lots of Activities are Included!

   I have to say that this is probably the most on-schedule kid’s party company I’ve ever hired. Not only that, but the amount of things that they do at the party is amazing, especially the face painting. The kids took tons of pictures as they posed as all types of animals and characters, photos that we’ll all cherish for years. We got a few hours for the basic show, and they did so much within that time frame. We really got our money’s worth – the kids had a genuinely fun time with the crew, and we’ll be asking for them to come back next year as well.

Junior, Brooklyn 6/19/13


My daughter and her friends had begged me for her favorite character at her birthday party for months. I knew that if I didn’t get Dora the Explorer to make a visit, then it just wouldn’t feel right for her and her friends, who are all between the ages of 7 and 10. When I’d heard about Mr. Brown the Clown & Friends, I didn’t know what to expect (there are so many party companies that are subpar). But, that afternoon when Dora came through the door (a few minutes before schedule, to my satisfaction) the party went from almost quiet to one of the liveliest scenes you can imagine.

Magdalena , Queens 2/3/12