Another service by Mr. Brown and Friends is the fun dancing we do thats included in our basic package. Its best to have party ideas for a dance theme including activities, games, decorations, invitations, party foods and goody bags. Some types of party ideas, lets your guest attend with a certain look. You can set up a place to have a glitter sprayed or highlights with spray in neon colors. Or you may allow them to wear a glow in the dark necklace, bracelets rings, or sunglasses. Now kids can really feel the party . Glittery disco balls and many colored lights with the DJ spinning the favorite songs while the kids are singing the Happy Birthday song  together with the dancers that’s shows new moves is very fantastic. New hip hop music or the latest disco music is an option depending on the dance theme or the type of music that the celebrator wants. This kind of service is suited to range ages from five to teens. It can also be provided with a theme like princess, comic books , super hero, movies and more. Or you can have a High School Musical parties theme dances for your party. Whatever you want!

For custom packages, Call or Email Info@mrbrowntheclown.com